Wednesday, April 16

Snow jump

I am learning to animate and this my most recent attempt.  It is all hand drawn and finished in photoshop.  Thanks Alex Grigg for the awesome tutorials and inspiring animation work.

Saturday, March 22


The magpie is my very favorite bird.  I didn't see one until I went to college in Idaho and luckily they have them here in England.  They are such magical creatures.

Wednesday, November 6

Here's the second animation

Fun times.  Animation is pretty dang dandy.

First animation

This is my first animation.  Why rufus is falling endlessly is a good question... or more likely just an unanswered one.

I have been LOVING shows like The Misadventures of Flapjack and Adventure Time and well...  I have always watched a lot of cartoons and I thought it would be fun to finally learn how to make one.  We'll see what comes, but this was pretty fun to make.
Here it is in color and with a little bit of background.

Saturday, August 24

Cycling in Falmouth!

This is something that I am really looking forward to as part of my UK experience.  Riding a bike all over the place instead of having a car.

Earlier this week I made my first phone call to England.  I was a bit nervous.  What if I sounded too silly with my American accent... would they laugh?  It turned out just fine and in fact the person was very polite.  I should have expected as much, those British and their manors.  I think it was a good step since I will probably have to speak to a person or two while living in Falmouth.  I am excited for the adventure but excitement often comes with a few nervous moments.

Monday, August 19

IF power

The funny thing about the power hungry is that many times you lose so much more than you gain.  That's what mouthful learned after he over powered his friends.